“Ohana means fa…



“Ohana means family; family means nobody gets left behind…or forgotten.” -Stitch

First blog… They say that when you start blogging you have to figure out the scope of your blog. One must write about things they enjoy most so that the “creative juices” never dry up.

That is why I decided to name this blogsite as “the appreciative guy”. With how fast our pace in this world has become, we tend to lose sight of the things that makes this life wonderful. In our quest to gain more- more understanding, more fame, more technology, more wealth, many of us end up with nothing at all. Even the wisest of men once said that everything is vanity. We must enjoy the life that the Almighty has given. When will we ever learn?

Allow me to share with you my journey to enjoying life in every way possible. And as early as now I want you to forgive me for my craziness and spontaneity with a mix of depth and simplicity.

And so for my first ever blog, I decided to write about one thing that we would always have but often times taken for granted- our family. I am blessed to have such a wonderful family. Raised as the only child, I grew up having the attention of my father and mother (Papa and Mama). Papa is our “Mr. Handyman”, i always see him as a strong willed person. Mama is the sweetest. I remember the days back when I was a kid, I used to visit my father’s office and saw how people respect him. Mama works in an art gallery and when I go with her, I would always be marveled by how different colors can paint a beautiful masterpiece and tell a story.

But my family is not a perfect cut. We had a fair share of up’s and down’s too. But over the years, I learned that each of us has a struggle we need to face. And the important thing is that we have each other’s back as our support. We’re a team of four. God as the major player and the three of us… And now that they’re past their prime, my old man and my ermats (mother) has been a testimony of how God has been good to us. We may not have the riches of the elite, but what we have is a precious jewel that no one can take away. We have each other.

And so it is necessary that on my first ever blog, I would honor the people that showed me how beautiful life is if we only know how to look at it in a perspective that appreciates its entirety. Life is a gift we must enjoy. Family is a treasure we must always protect. To Papa Bert and Mama Evy, I love you.

And you my friends, you have your own family. Family is not just biological, family is a spirit that binds you and make you feel connected and valued.

To our family who already passed this earthly path and now rejoices in the other realm, we also honor them. We will always be grateful…

So today, I just want to encourage you to appreciate the family you’re blessed with. It is a unique mix that blends in the aroma of the beauty of life.

Appreciate your family. Appreciate LIFE.

-the appreciative guy

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